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Amber Sewell is 'earning her ears' at Disney World from the ground-up: her first experience as a Cast Member was her participation last year in Disney's CareerStart Program. Maybe you saw her at EPCOT's Electric Umbrella? If not, you'll be 'seeing' a lot of her on Disney Dispatch as she shares her stories about what it's like to be young and working for the Mouse. Amber's stories are fun, fascinating, and plain ol' fantastic. And maybe, just maybe, they'll put you on the road to earning your ears, too.

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FROM: Amber Earns Her Ears Published Mondays

A Lack of Excitement

Amber explains how even working at Walt Disney World, the Happiest Place on Earth, isn't always exciting. Sometimes, there is just nothing special going on.

The Disney College Program is a competitive, paid internship open to college students who want to spend a semester at either Disneyland or Disney World working, learning, and possibly laying the foundation for a Disney career.

After a successful stint in Disney's CareerStart Program, Amber Sewell began work in May 2011 at Disney World as part of the College Program. We'll follow her adventures every week right here...

The most exciting thing that has happened this week is that they have changed the laundry machines.

That’s right. No longer are we using the little pay cards that were such a hassle – five dollar bill only to actually get the cards (which themselves cost $3.00 out of that five), and then you could only use cash to put more money on them. Nope, now they have switched to card readers, so you use your credit or debit card to wash your clothes. Which kind of sucks for those people who do as I’ve done in the past, and just load up the cards with money so you don’t have to worry about it again for a while. Luckily I kicked that habit, and my card only have four or five dollars left to use up.

All this excitement, and yet due to the rainy weather that instills instant lethargy in me, I have yet to make it down to the laundry room to witness said exciting event.

Honestly, the longer this program goes on, the harder it is to find things to write about. Should I choose to go into detail about the fact that my roommates are waging a most passive-aggressive war against one of the girls, in that they are refusing to take out the trash until she does so? Or that somehow my measuring cup always gets put back in the pantry with oil residue in the bottom, making it difficult to get my rice out of the bottom when I next use it? Or that no matter how many times I say I’m finally going to clean my room, it always ends up with clothes strewn about the floor the next day?

The thing is, a dull routine has set in that I just don’t have the energy to break. Work, sleep, eat, clean a little here and there. Read. Then work again. And it’s not even a lot of work – I’m not entirely sure where all of my time goes these days. 33 hours weeks, and nothing all that productive to show for my time. It is kind of sad; I know that while right now all I want to do is go back to school and take some bloody English classes, at some point next year (probably during math) I will be wondering why I squandered my time here. Maybe I’ll remember how completely unmotivated I feel at present, but I doubt I’ll find that an acceptable excuse.

Even now. Even now I’m racking my brains to come up with some bit of interesting information, something those of you who don’t work at Disney would find interesting. I doubt the information that we identify alcoholic packages with a little red dot on the green shipping forms fits the bill.

Two of my friends who did the program last year are making plans to come back. One, Danica, was one of my roommates last year. She’s applying to be a cultural representative, which means that she’ll be one of the people working in the Canada pavilion – last year she was a life guard. The other is planning to take whatever he can get, although entertainment is his main choice. I suppose that Disney certainly has its addictive qualities, whether it be for Guests or Cast Members – or both.

The moral of this week’s article is, I suppose, that time spent working for Disney isn’t always exciting. There isn’t something always happening. I’m sure others could tell you differently; I’m sure that right now there is a group of people out there somewhere who is always working, drinking, socializing and doing god knows what else. Which rather defeats the purpose of my so-called moral. But I just put on my work shoes, which are disgustingly cold and soggy still after yesterday, and I’m rather distracted. Until next week!


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