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Arthouse Disney has no single author: it has many different artists, each of them showcased for their skill in creating a memorable example of Disney (or Disney-ish) art. Some of these artists you'll get to know, at least a little, through the stories they tell about themselves; others let their art do the talkin'.

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Arthouse Disney

by Friends of Disney Dispatch

Disney images inspire artistic interpretation. That's a mouthful! It means that the web teems with artwork of Disney but not by Disney. The artists of Arthouse Disney are hand-picked for their creative, sometimes quirky, but always masterful interpretations of classic Disney art, iconic Disney scenes, or familiar Disney characters. Each column has an introduction by Bob McLain and often a few words from the artist. But it's not the words that matter so much here as it is the pictures.

Mickey Double Ear Hat

APR 27 The mark of a true artist, at least if you go in for stereotypes, is a beret. Chris Taylor is a true artist, but he doesn't bother with berets (he don't need no stinkin' berets!). His hat of choice is his own design: Mickey Ears, with extra ears.

Pirates of the Caribbean

APR 17 One of the iconic scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is the three jailed pirates attemping to coax the key-bearing dog closer to their cell. In this contest of wits, it's the canine who proves superior to the cutthroats. Josh Pincus captures it perfectly.