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  • My mother used to say that if I got a tattoo, I'd go blind. (Or was it... never mind.) The world has changed. It seems that for every person who gives up smoking, another gets a tattoo. Among the elite, those tattoos are of Disney symbols, attractions, and characters. Why just wear a dumb pair of ears when you can have amazingly intricate art inked into your flesh? You'll meet, every week, someone who has done just that, and who wants both the World and the world to know about it.

  • Bob McLain made his first visit to Disney World during the Nixon Administration. He took his son there for the first time during the Clinton years, and his daughter during the Bush (as in W) years. When not making connections between presidents and trips to Disney World, Bob writes about Disney, writes about zombies (the fast ones!), and writes helpful little guides about how to do technical things. He has no tattoos. For his first Disney tattoo, he has his eye on a full-length Evil Queen.

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FROM: Disney Ink Published Saturdays

Snow White Tattoo

Snow White is a pure girl. She doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, and doesn't sport tattoos. But tattoos OF Snow White are popular among the Disney Ink crowd, and you will not see a more magical piece of body art than what's on the back of this girl...

What a knock-out!

And I'm talking about her tattoo, with its stunning depiction of Snow White, Prince Charming, the Evil Queen, a couple of the Dwarves, and assorted fairy tale flora and fauna.

I can't imagine the time, the money, and the pain that went into this tattoo. What I can imagine, because it's right there in front of me, is the skill of the artist.

And we're not even seeing all of it!

The tattoo appears to continue below the waistline. Maybe Dopey is hiding down there? I don't know.

(And it's certain I'm never going to find out.)

Look closely at the right arm and you'll see some bare skin. More ink to come?

Regardless of how you feel about tattoos, it's hard not to whistle at the beauty of the artwork and not to marvel at the depth of Disney devotion that this tattoo represents.

By the way, if you're the girl in the picture, and if you'd like credit for your fantastic body art, drop me a line so I can update the article.

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