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People have always squabbled over which whatever at Disney is better. You like the Contemporary, I like the Polynesian. You like Cinderella, I like Pirates. It never ends! But now it does. Dan Sisneros, for years a professional boxing judge for the state of New Mexico, rings the bell for biweekly bouts between classic and not-so-classic Disney rides, resorts, and more. Dan tells the tale of the tape, then calls the action until a winner is declared.

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FROM: Disney Tale of the Tape Published Every Other Saturday

Dole Whip vs Mickey Premium Bar

Many consider Dole Whip unbeatable in its division: like Apollo Creed, it plays to the fans, and the fans eat it up. But now, wrapped in cellophane, mounted on a stick, comes the up-start, the chilly challenger, Mickey Premium Bar. Yo, Min-NIE!!

It's a showdown of chilled confections!

Let's look at the Tale of the Tape:


What It Is: Non-dairy soft-serve frozen treat in pineapple and orange flavors

How It's Served: In a cup

Where You Get It: [WDW] Aloha Isle or Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland; Capt. Cook's at the Polynesian Resort. [DLR] The Tiki Juice Bar (at the entrance to the Enchanted Tiki Room).


What It Is: Vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate in the shape of a Mickey silhouette

How It's Served: On a stick

Where You Get It: Ice cream carts througout the parks in both Walt Disney World and Disneyland

Dole Whip has a cult-like following, but the greater availability of Mickey Premium Bars makes it a surprisingly serious challenger.

ROUND 1: Appearance

Both are beautiful looking treats. The Dole Whip (DW) may not look like much, but when you take your spoon and dig in, you soon realize that this is a pretty substantial snack. The Mickey Premium Bar (MPB) is also beautiful with its two 'Mickey Ears' making it look like a body builder flexing his biceps!

In round 1, the Mickey Premium Bar's appearance overwhelms its opponent. Score it 10-9 for the Mickey Bar.

ROUND 2: Taste

Of course, this category is a matter of personal preference. If you are a 'Choco-holic', then the Mickey Bar takes it. If you're more of a 'Fruit Flavors' person, then the Dole Whip is your winner! If you are like me and love BOTH... then this is a tough round to score!

There is only one choice for the MPB and that's vanilla ice cream with chocolate coating. The Dole Whip offers both orange and pineapple flavors, giving it a bit more versatility.

It's tempting to make this an even round, but the DisneyDispatch boxing commission discourages even rounds, so... If you sat both of them in front of me, at this particular moment, I'd probably reach for the Dole Whip - and then after finishing it, grab the Mickey Bar and devour it, too!

It's a close 2nd round, but the Dole Whip slides its way to a 10-9 score.

ROUND 3: Nutrition and Health

Round 3 looks like a big round for the Dole Whip. With a serving size of 1 cup for DW, and 1 bar for MPB, here are the stats:

  • Calories: DW-160, MPB-350
  • Fat: DW-0g, MPB-24g
  • Carbs: DW-36g, MPB 31g
  • Protein: DW-0g, MPB 3g

There's no argument that the Dole Whip is one of the better Disney snack choices when it comes to healthy eating. We don't know if the Mickey Premium bar was really out of gas, or just coasting, but either way the round goes to Dole Whip 10-9.

ROUND 4: Price and Value

At $3.50, a Mickey Bar can hardly be called a 'bargain', but by Disney standards, where a bottle of water runs you nearly as much, this judge thinks it's pretty fair.

A cup of Dole Whip will cost you $3.19 (last time I checked), and they usually pile it sky high! It's also a little easier to share a cup of Dole Whip, since it's eaten with a spoon, it's a little less messy.

Given the lower price but equal satisfaction, I had to put this round in the Dole Whip column, 10-9.

ROUND 5: Intangibles

These are two of the most popular treats in all of Disney World and Disneyland. The Dole Whip can only be found in two places at the gigantic Walt Disney World Resort, and that fact alone just makes me want to seek it out every visit!

The idea of biting into one of those chocolatey mickey mouse ears on a Mickey Bar is just too tempting to resist. The challenge of trying to eat one without getting sticky vanilla ice cream and chocolate all over the place is one I gladly take! And even though it's just in my mind... it SEEMS like there's an ice cream cart offering Mickey Bars everywhere I turn.

If I were the king of the imagineers, I'd offer a Dole Whip covered in chocolate with chocolate Mickey ears sticking out of it! But no such thing exists.

The contenders continue to give it everything they've got in this round. Both want the title belt, and both will go down swinging to get it. But in the end, I have to give round 5 to the Mickey Premium bar, 10-9, due mainly to its unique shape and chocolatey taste.


The final bell rings and the referee has to jump in and seperate these two world class brawlers! They give each other a hug and have earned each other's respect.

We now go down to Disney Dispatch's ring announcer - the dapper Bob McLain - for the decision of the judges...

"... Ladieeeeeees and Gentleman, we have a SPLIT decision!

"Judge Gimee Moradat scores it 48-47 for The Dole Whip!

"Judge Juan Morbite scores it 48-47 for The Mickey Premium Bar.

"And Judge Dan Sisneros scores it 48-47 for the winner, by split decision, and NEW Disney Dispatch Snack Champion of the World...


The crowd is split, their cheers and boos deafening. It was a very close match, and both guys took some very hard shots.

But, since they are both already cold... bruising should be minimal!


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