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If Disney piled all its themed merchandise in one place, it would likely reach to infinity - and beyond. You see it everywhere: at the parks, online, in your neighbor's house. And you're tempted, sorely tempted, to make it yours: not always because you need it but because it came from Disney. For many people, that means irresistible. But fight the urge, just for a moment, until you've read what Jessica Clawson thinks about that irresistible piece of Disneyana. Chances are, she has already succumbed to the urge - and now, temporarily recovered, wants to tell you whether it was worth it.

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FROM: It Came from Disney! Published Tuesdays

2011 Dot Magnets

Jessica pulls another great product from her bag of tricks and shows us the 2011 dot magnet set with all your favorite characters.


When I visit Walt Disney World, I enjoy finding souvenirs related to the year or celebration that I am visiting for.  Typically, these souvenirs are pins, but this year, I found something extra that I liked, especially to help me add a personal Disney touch to my classroom; 2011 Dot Magnets.

Dot Magnets

The 2011 Set!

This set of 8 magnets are round, plastic domes with colorful characters pictures featuring the Fab Five and the year “2011” written on them.  The magnets are small, medium and large sizes, with the largest being about an inch in diameter.  I found, through my testing, that the small magnets hold up to 4 pieces of paper, the medium magnets hold up to 6 and the large ones up to 7 pieces of paper. Not the strongest magnets in the world, that is for sure.

For around $8, a magnet per dollar, they are kind of expensive for the product.  Not sure that I would suggest them to everyone, especially if you use magnets to hold up a lot of papers, but for my use in the classroom, where I want some inexpensive Disney flair that I don’t mind getting handled by children, they will work.