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Keith Mahne is currently a college student from New Orleans, LA. Aside from being a huge New Orleans Saints fan, Keith loves everything Disney and hopes to eventually work for the company in the computer and technology field one day. Keith lives approximately 10 hours from Walt Disney World and makes the trip there annually. In his spare time he loves reading and learning about the history of Walt Disney and primarily the legendary attractions we have all come to love today. He hopes to share with you throughout his articles a little bit of that history and Disney Magic that we all cherish! And now for the Mahne attraction...

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Introducing Disney Avenue

Keith has a new blog and we'd love to help him get the word out.




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I have some wonderful news to tell everyone today!!! For a very long time I have wanted to create my own Disney fan site and now that dream is a reality. Although I will still be contributing to the fantastic Disney Dispatch site, I have set up my own “Disney World” on the web that I hope each of you adds to your list of favorites and makes a daily stop to check out all the pictures, videos, and stories I can conjure up. The site is called Disney Avenue and so after you stop here at Disney Dispatch make sure you head on over and check it out. Thanks guys and as Mickey would say, “See ya real soon!” Here is the link: http://disneyavenue.blogspot.com/

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