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FROM: MouseMerch Published Thursdays

Disney Christmas in July

If you love Christmas, July is a terrible month: the previous Christmas seems so far away, and the next Christmas, well, it seems equally far away. In Walmart, they're selling tractors, not trees! Not so at Disney World. Merry Christmas!

It's that time of year again where we pull out the ornaments, hang the tinsel, and share our love and goodwill with our fellow man. Yes, it's Christmas in July!

Okay, I exaggerate - but you all know what I'm talking about. What began in the 1930's at churches and, oddly enough, summer camps as an encouragement to keep the Christmas spirit of charity and love alive year round has become a marketing gimmick for most and a chance to relive the excitement of the season for others.

So I thought now would be a good time to talk about Christmas items found in the Disney parks, in the Disney Store, and online.

Disney operates two year-round Christmas shops, both at Walt Disney World: one in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom, the other at Downtown Disney.

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square actually tells a story as you go from one end to another. Three distinct areas inside the store reflect a music teacher's studio, a woodcarver's shop, and the home of German immigrants. The merchandise reflects each area's character and style. Kepple, the name of the family as seen on a wall marker nearest the Liberty Tree, was the name of Walt's paternal grandfather.

You can also find Christmas items in the Emporium on Main Street and the Disney Store at Downtown Disney during the season. The other three parks and Disneyland also offer seasonal items.

Must-Have Disney Christmas Items

click an image to expand:


A great Holiday item but can be a little small for some adults to wear, but it would work as an excellent tree topper.


These come in small and large sizes and can really add a lot to your tree.


These are avaible in the Parks during the Christmas Season and online throughout the year.

My favorite Disney Christmas item? A Santa hat with Mickey ears. I've played Santa for a number of years for pets, preschoolers, and local schools, so this seems a natural choice. However, I find the one-size fits all sizing of the hats too small for my head. You can order these through the Disney Store online, but they seem sold out this summer.

Next up on my list: Mickey ears Christmas tree ornaments. We bought these at the Downtown Disney Christmas store years ago and use them every year. Bright, bold colors with a satin (meaning non-gloss) finish and made from sturdy material - ideal, since I tend to break our ornaments a lot - these look great on the tree. In our home, we always do two trees, a live one and an artificial one. My wife and I take turns decorating each tree, switching every year. This year, I get the smaller artificial one, and I'm planning an all-Mickey tree!

Disney offers a number of Mickey ear ornaments, and honestly the Christmas tree ornament is the perfect medium for mouse ears, don't you think? From subtle to full of glitz and bling (my favorites), there's something for everyone. Plus, the Disney resorts offer special ornaments that change every few years. And of course, there are stockings and DVDs and Vinylmations and other odds and ends.

Poke around online and you can find some Christmas Disney car antenna toppers so you won't have to wait until your Christmas vacation trip to Florida to buy some at the parks.

There are also a large number of Precious Moments Christmas Disney figurines, but I was always told that if you couldn't say anything nice about something...

There you have it. Christmas and Disney go together like PB&J. Both are magical, full of mystery and childhood adventure, and both make you smile.

So Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!