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FROM: MouseMerch Published Thursdays

Disney Coffee

Of the many things that Disney does right, coffee is one of them - sometimes. You can find bad coffee at Disney World, but fantastic coffee, too. Chris discusses not only his favorite Disney coffee spots but his favorite Disney coffee mugs, too.

My favorite coffee quote from a volcano-is-about-to-destroy-a-small-western-town movie Dante's Peak: "Coffee. It's coffee time! Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee! Cappuccino, java, YES!"

I'm not as coffee-crazy as Greg was in the movie, but yeah, I like coffee. Expensive, free-trade, shade-grown, picked by Trappist monks only at dawn coffee? Sometimes. Run-of-the-mill supermarket on-sale coffee? Of course. Middle-of-nowhere gas station coffee? If needed. Point is, I need coffee in the A.M. to start my day. Don't you?

But what about on vacation? Yes, more than ever, as my family and I tend to pack a lot into a day while traveling, especially at the Mouse, so coffee is big part of our daily routine. With this in mind, lets explore Disney's coffee offerings.

I'm in no place to comment on all the places at the Walt Disney World Resort where you can grab a cuppa. I've had good and not so good. The coffee in the food court at POP Century was pretty good, albeit you have to fight 200 of your closest friends to get some at 7:00 A.M. Chef Mickey's coffee? It was only OK. The Contemporary Resort's in-room coffee? Wow, fantastic. Jiko's after-dinner coffee? Do I even need to say it? Exquisite! In the parks, it can be hit or miss, but mostly hit.

What I want to focus on today is the coffee you can take home. And all the mugs and accessories that go along with it.

As I've said before, the coffee mug is my souvenir of choice. I can't fit any more t-shirts into my drawer. I have the world's most perfect Mickey hat. I don't buy toys and collectibles any more, so mugs seem to fit. I have enough mugs that I can have coffee every morning in a different one mug. And everytime I drink out of a Disney mug, I remember my trip. In the car, I use my resort mugs. It's a perfect circle! Friends even bring me mugs back from their trips. It's my way of being a grown-up Disney fan.

  • Tinker Bell Mug
    Of course there are Tinkerbell mugs! Mine isn't like the one in the picture - it's a series of Tink's faces. But the one here is cool, too.
  • Jack Skellington Mug
    One of my many Jack mugs. The nice thing about most of the Disney character mugs is they're big. Extra large big. In addition to this one, I've got a Mike Wazowski (which I've broken twice and superglued back together) mug. They fit my hand ever so nicely.
  • Mickey Mug
    I think I see these more than any other for sale in the parks.
  • Minnie Mug
    This series, featuring Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, and even Grumpy, show the characters as sleepy-eyed, robe-wearing "unmorning" people. Just like you and me!
  • Bride and Groom Mugs
    Honeymooning on property? You need these. They'll go well with your wedding ears.
  • Resort Mugs
    And of course, we can't forget the resort mugs. For the small fee of only $15, you can enjoy the beverage of your choice, at your resort only, while you stay. I won't get into the new mug rules, and I can't complain about the price, because during my last two trips, my mugs were free as part of our package deal.
  • Coffee
    Disney sells its own brand of coffee for you to bring home. And it's really good. A few years ago, we bought a bunch of the small, sealed packages and gave them as Christmas gifts to our friends.
  • Tea
    Tea lover? Of course there's something for you, too. And it's branded as Alice in Wonderland. Perfect!

So, dear reader, go have a cup of Disney in the morning. You'll be glad you did.