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A haiku is a highly structured poetic snippet consisting of three short phrases that together should trigger an image in your mind. You won't find haikus at Disney. You will find haikus about Disney every Monday on the Disney Dispatch written by JB Conway, author of the well-regarded book, Mouse of Zen, which of course is full of Disney haikus. What better way to step into your Disney week!

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FROM: Mouse of Zen Monday Published Mondays

World Showcase Haiku #2

With Zennish calm, JB Conway reflects upon the many Pavilions in the World Showcase, contemplating not so much theme as essence: today, he banishes thoughts of the McKenzie Brothers from his mind and takes a good gander at the Canada Pavilion.

The haiku theme for this month is Epcot, as in Epcot August, not to be confused with our previous Epcot April, and in particular, the World Showcase, fertile ground for haikus of all shapes and sentiments - and spirits, too.

Our eclectic tour of Epcot's World Showcase - in haiku - continues today with Canada.

In popular imagination, Canada is clean and crisp, with immense domes of blue sky over unspoiled fields, meadows, and forests. Mounties patrol, wolverines wander, geese soar. Vancouver and the cities of the eastern provinces gleam and dazzle.

The Canada Pavilion doesn't reflect all of that, or even most of that: it represents the more rough-hewn aspects of our northerly neighbor, complete with totem poles, log cabins, and maple syrup.

I have mixed feelings about the Canada Pavilion. If I start my tour of the World Showcase from there, I love Canada! But if I start from the Mexico Pavilion, then Canada is not a welcome sight, because it's the terminus of my tour.

JB Conway, in his sizzling sweet haiku, cuts right to the chase:

If you haven't bought JB's book, Mouse of Zen, and yet you come here each week to read his haikus, why do you torture yourself? Are you a masochist? (Or maybe a mouseochist?) Don't you know you can get all the haikus at once? In the book!