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K Martin Beaudry became a Disney fanatic when he found himself standing underneath a monorail track waiting for his parents to buy WDW ticket books in December of 1971. The anticipation of experiencing the Magic Kingdom, combined with the fantasy of seeing transportation and architecture unlike anything he has ever seen was enough to cause a Disney obsession that continues to this day.

Multiple hundreds of visits and many annual passes later, Martin still feels the same thrill when arriving at the main gate of any WDW park. As an adult, however, his enthusiasm has extended beyond the parks and into the resorts and on-property activities that many people have never experienced. He and his wife find adventure by checking out things they’ve not seen before – another restaurant, boat ride, resort, or show is always there waiting for them to enjoy.

In recent years, Martin has put his experience and knowledge to work by writing reviews and blogs for several websites related to theme parks in general – but mostly Disney parks. His corny humor and desire to cover unusual topics (an entire blog about a monorail?) provides a welcome relief from the hundreds of articles saying the same things repeatedly. His hope is that he can encourage Disney park visitors to go beyond the parks and into the undiscovered country that is Walt Disney World.

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WDW Resort Pools: A Quick Overview

KMB goes over the pool selection of a few different resorts and talks about some unknown features (and failures) at some of these oasis watering holes.



What’s “on the edge” at Walt Disney World in the way of pools? Certainly a resort this size must have loads of variety when it comes to swimming options. Despite the fact that various unruly and desperate guests have attempted to swim in attractions such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “it’s a small world”, there really are great places to swim. Of course, there are water parks on property that rate among the best in the world and, lest we forget, there is River Country which currently provides some extremely adventurous swimming features such as a rope swing over a giant cement tank severely low on water. But let’s have a look instead at the resorts themselves and perhaps provide some commentary on just a few of the available pools and their features.

  1. Animal Kingdom Lodge – We have started with this pool because it is quite interesting as pools go. First of all, it is called a “zero-entry” pool which must mean nobody can enter it. Seems strange that we see so many people in it all the time anyway. Must be because they like that beach-like side of the pool that makes it easy to walk into the shallow water and gradually move into the deeper water. Also, the bottom and sides of this pool are a “natural” color, which is quite unfortunate for a pool located at the Animal Kingdom. In our opinion, brown water and animals do not make for a pleasant swim. Somehow, though, this is quite a popular place to cool off.
  2. Beach Club Resort – This pool is called “Stormalong Bay” and still has us scratching our heads. The pool is made of cement and has a sand bottom. How do they do that? The water is crystal clear and yet… sand! Our efforts to duplicate this feature in our home bath tub resulted in water with the clarity and color of chocolate pudding.
  3. Fort Wilderness Campground – The “Meadows” pool here is mentioned only because of a feature that it does NOT have… WATER! OK – so we exaggerated a bit, but seriously, how can one enjoy a swim in 3 feet of water? I am 6’ 4” tall and I was grateful for the rain so that I could get my upper body wet. The swarm of love-bugs was grateful for my knee-caps to land on so they could stay dry! We understand insurance regulations and restrictions but c’mon! How about a pool for the rest of me?
  4. Polynesian Resort  - Now this is a pool! Who wouldn’t want to swim next to a volcano! (Wait….) OK – who wouldn’t want to swim in a tropical paradise? Yes – just like the gorgeous beaches of Honolulu, guests at the Polynesian can pull up a lounge chair and watch the waves roll in. Oops – check that – the wave machine they installed in ’71 was turned off (though I hear it is still there under the water). So, the strange thing about swimming at this resort is that you relax on the beach, but then have to get up and turn around to enter the pool. No swimming in the lagoon! I’m told it has something to do with Florida clean water restrictions. But who cares? We have a waterfall to swim under!
  5. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge – Modeled after a National Park lodge, this resort has a pool with geysers! Yes – even though the waters at the base of geysers in REAL national parks are severely poisonous, the waters here are wonderful for swimming. Believe it or not, the water is not bubbling noxious fumes either unless, of course, they are caused by the swimmers themselves.
  6. Coronado Springs

  7. Coronado Springs Resort  - This has got to be the best pool on all of Disney property. It is large, has a great slide, is rarely crowded, and is a perfect place to teach your children about how kids were offered on the altar at the Mayan temple. Hmm – maybe not so much….


So there you have it – just a few of our favorite pools along with some commentary. Guests choosing which resort to stay at don’t often choose on the basis of the pool. However, we believe the pool can be an important factor in your choice. Consider the health benefits. The efforts taken just to adjust the angle of the lounge chair alone can bring added vitality and strength!


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