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Finding perfect Disney pictures isn't easy. The obvious places to look, such as Flickr, are awash in pictures posted by folks returning from a Disney trip. With patience, it's possible to find stunning shots, not always 'photographically flawless', but stunning for how the shooter has captured a slice of Disney, big or small, and captured it in such a way that you're inspired to do likewise the next time you're in a Disney park. Enjoy these shots of park perfection!

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FROM: Park Perfect Published Daily

Perfect French Quarter Fool

Every Disney picture tells a Disney story, and today we continue with our set of perfect park pics from Dan Sisneros, who trusted his noggin in the grip of the gigantic fiberglass Mardi Gras fool standing sentry near Doubloon Lagoon.

Now, before Dan Sisneros, who in real life knows quite a few professional boxers, sends over one of his pals to punch my lights out, I wish to make clear that he is not the fool referenced in the title.

He's very close, though. To the fool, I mean! The real French Quarter fool.

This gigantic jester reminds everyone of the Mardi Gras theme found throughout Port Orleans - French Quarter. I'm not sure I'd trust it enough to put my head inside its huge hand, but Mr. Sisneros has no fear of the fool.

Behind the jester you'll see the words 'Krewe of Port Orleans'. In Mardi Gras lingo, 'krewes' are the private social clubs that sponsor parades. Other krewes in other locations sponsor other types of 'Carnival' parades.

I've never seen official representatives from Port Orleans at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, so this particular 'krewe' is fanciful.

But that doesn't stop drunken Disney revelers from stumbling through the resort, looking for guests on second floor balconies so they can yell: "Flash your FastPasses"!

I made that up. But this perfect park pic is the real deal:

The images in Park Perfect this week are courtesy Dan Sisneros.