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Finding perfect Disney pictures isn't easy. The obvious places to look, such as Flickr, are awash in pictures posted by folks returning from a Disney trip. With patience, it's possible to find stunning shots, not always 'photographically flawless', but stunning for how the shooter has captured a slice of Disney, big or small, and captured it in such a way that you're inspired to do likewise the next time you're in a Disney park. Enjoy these shots of park perfection!

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Perfect Cinderella Castle Jaq and Gus

Every Disney picture tells a Disney story, and today we continue with our set of perfect park pics from Jeff Christiansen, who looked up, up, up while waiting for his Royal Table and saw two unexpected little friends looking back down at him.

In the most unexpected of places...

That's where you have to look for Disney magic. If you're waiting in line, or waiting for a table, don't just stand there: look up, look around, you never know what might be found.

Jeff Christiansen knows.

He and family were standing in the 'anteroom' of Cinderella's Royal Table, waiting for their surname to be called, when Jeff espied up in the rafters two tiny fellows keeping their beady little eyes on the action.

He spotted Jaq and Gus, the two mice from the Disney's 1950 animated film, Cinderella, and its sequels.

Jaq is the smarter of the two; in the picture, he's standing on the right, hands on hips. Next to him is oafish Gus, good-natured but slow-thinking.

Though not well-known, these mice were instrumental in Cinderella's eventual happy ending, and it's nice to see they finally made it to the castle themselves.

They may not be Hidden Mickeys; but they certainly are Hidden Mouseys.


The images in Park Perfect this week are courtesy Jeff Christiansen.