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I will be writing about the experiences of Disney World and how the amazing company goes beyond what they need to in order to make every guest feel special! Delivering a combination of imagination and magic, I will let each reader relive their favorite moments of Disney. We will discuss how the magic is enjoyed with guests with disabilities and families on a tight budget! We will enlighten readers with stories of others and the information needed to make each visit to Disney another great memory! I hope to include stories of families like mine!

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Don't Forget To Take A Pic!

Jeff opens up his column with a rundown on taking pictures and capturing the Magic. Welcome to site Jeff and we look forward to your point of view.



            Let me take a moment to set back and enjoy the splendor of the magic that a person can simply capture while at the Walt Disney World. My wife Erika, is one of the most amazing photographers and I was blessed to have her energy and her attention to details when we took our many early visits with our children to Walt Disney World. She was able to capture the time, giving the rest of us that amazing shot that will forever be in our hearts. The key behind the lens at Disney is to take every shot, buy the extra memory card, and don't be afraid to max out the limits! You can always go back though and delete the shots that don't meet your standards!

Take a picture Kids at Disney

            The best idea is to keep a light camera with you, small enough to fit into your pocket or maybe your purse. A camera to pull out at the change of a hat, is the way to get the most of the magic! Don't forget to charge your camera, and if the settings allow you to go into a sleep mode, then do so. Each minute will count when you spend hours in a park! Disney really goes beyond the need to impress with stunning night time visuals. You can just turn the flash off, and take a few pictures to see if you need to modify anything. Some of the most amazing photo's are taken of the evening, when the lights begin to shimmer and the sun goes down! The Wishes Nighttime Spectacular happens to be the most beautiful moments to take in, getting those pictures of the blasts above the enchanting castle can be very tricky. Just keep in mind, most cameras have a night time setting and require you to be very still when the shots are taken!

Nighttime at Disney

            The most important factor of your visit to Disney is the memory. Keep the word memory in your mind the whole trip! When a moment comes up that you feel is going to be a great memory, pull out that camera and take the shots. Trusts me when I say, you may never have that chance again. We have been several times, it's never been the same results or pictures twice. The sky may be cloudy above the castle one day and clear blue the next. Both of those pictures look amazing, and it's something you can look at for years to come. Ever feel the magic when someone you know just came back from a visit to the happiest place on earth? That is the moment when you know that you truly were inspired by Walt Disney. When they pull out those photos, you look at each of them with a smile. Every photo is a story of that moment of us at Disney. We all might have some of the same type of photographs with your family all hugged up around each other with the magnificent Cinderella Castle as the backdrop! Some of my favorite photographs are just my kids alone at Disney. Just as Walt Disney intended his magical parks to be, an enlightened experience that every child should enjoy! We love taking photographs of the iconic Disney masterpieces, such as Cinderella's' Castle, the Sorcerer hat, and of course Spaceship Earth! Take a moment while your catching your breath and pull out your camera and click away! Just remember the magic, it can last longer if you take a photograph! 

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