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I will be writing about the experiences of Disney World and how the amazing company goes beyond what they need to in order to make every guest feel special! Delivering a combination of imagination and magic, I will let each reader relive their favorite moments of Disney. We will discuss how the magic is enjoyed with guests with disabilities and families on a tight budget! We will enlighten readers with stories of others and the information needed to make each visit to Disney another great memory! I hope to include stories of families like mine!

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Attractions for the Kid in Us!

Disney is a magical place for kids and adults alike. In his holiday column, Jeff talks about a couple of rides that are fantastic for grownups. We alllove to have a great time and these are some MUST SEE rides.



                       Hello again! I'm so glad your back reading this weeks. I would like to begin by wishing all my readers a wonderful Holiday and I hope you had a magical Christmas! We truly had a wonderful weekend filled with memories and magic alike! We added to our beautiful Lenox Disney Collection with two more amazing pieces. Let's begin where we left off last week. All the attractions at Disney World seemed to have all guest in mind, no matter their situations. This is wonderful for families with wheelchairs, because some of the rides all you have to do is simply push the chair into the spot! Each rides is unique and while your at Guest Relations be sure to pick up the customized Disney Park maps that are detailed as to what you need to do and what entrance to go through for each attraction! This makes it very simple and informative and saves so much time on transporting from one attraction to the other.    

Haunted Manion

            One of my favorite attractions is the happy haunts of Disney's the Haunted Mansion! Here guests can experience the happy haunts of 999 ghosts, and as the rides nears the end, there happens to be an opening for one more.... any volunteers? This ride is a great experience to any guest, if your traveling with a wheelchair party, you will notice a new entrance since the mid 2011. Now all the guests get to travel through the preshow and cemetery where guests can touch interactive tombs and see some ghoulish things right before the preshow begins! It's awesome to see some of the faces on the stones, watch carefully as some faces may change! Once the preshow is over in the hall, the Cast Member will guide you through a passage to enter the attraction from the exit! This is great because here they can load all of your party together and slow the ride down, and if needed they can stop the ride to board each guest. Just let them know what you would like for them to do in order for them to help! Sometimes, we have not been quick enough and the ride will stop to let us get situated. After you have concluded the ride, the same Cast Members will help you depart! We always have chosen to transfer from a wheelchair to the seat of the attraction to make the experience the same for everyone, there are option available for those who wish to remain in a wheelchair.

Splash Mountain

            Another great attraction is happens to be Thunder Mountain Railroad! This is a speedy runaway train on a twisty rollercoaster track that dips and dives tickling all your senses! We love this ride mainly because of the speed and thrill of the falls! Here, the entry to the attraction is the exit for other guests. You simply pull up to exit side and wait for the Cast Member to ask how many in your party, then you will be taken up to the train at the end, most riders find it easiest to ride the rear of the coaster. Here you will be placed on the ride in as little as ten minutes! This is part of the Disney experience with guests with disabilities, they work around the crowds giving you less of a wait and more time for fun! This is a ride where you will have to transfer from your wheelchair to the seat of the attraction. You will board the train at one of the two tracks, each sends a train every moment. While you may get on the train at one dock, your will find your wheelchair will be taken to the other dock where you will be getting off the attraction. If you are traveling with a motorized chair, they will ask you to ride the train twice in a roll, not usually a problem given how much fun it is! They do this because the Cast Members usually won't drive your power chair or scooter because of liabilities. For the most part, this is one of the greatest family rides at Disney World! Don't forget to stop at the shop and pick up your picture, they snap it while your screamin' your head off! Just another way to remember the magic from home! Check out next week as we continue to go over some of the other attractions that offer great experiences to guests with disabilities.

Grim Grinning Ghosts


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