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I will be writing about the experiences of Disney World and how the amazing company goes beyond what they need to in order to make every guest feel special! Delivering a combination of imagination and magic, I will let each reader relive their favorite moments of Disney. We will discuss how the magic is enjoyed with guests with disabilities and families on a tight budget! We will enlighten readers with stories of others and the information needed to make each visit to Disney another great memory! I hope to include stories of families like mine!

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The Magic of A Love Story

Jeff opens up about a very personal experience. Thanks for this, Jeff.



"Magic of A Love Story"

            This month I would like to dedicate my column to a wonderful young woman who changed my life, who made the fairytales come true everyday, and married me eleven years ago! My late wife Erika Holmes, who passed away in May, left behind a wonderful story of faith and love. Her battle with brain cancer is over, but her story will live. At a very young age Erika enjoyed Disney. Her favorite Princess was Ariel and she loved the story of Beauty and the Beast. A story that I would always read to her.

Beauty & Beast

            Our story of romance began at Walt Disney World when her and I took our very first magical vacation to the happiest place on earth. The moment we walked through Main Street USA, the Kingdom became real to us. A castle, stood as the backdrop to a memory that would last forever in my heart. For the first time in my life, I felt magic and love collide. I remember seeing the characters come out on stage in front of the castle to perform a show, instantly I was transformed into that little six year old boy who lives in my heart. Looking over the cast, I seen all my favorites... Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and of course my favorite Goofy! The rush of memories from when I was a boy, just like millions of others who set down to watch the cartoons every morning. Time stood still as I collected each thought, each smile I had, adding them to the experience of a lifetime. Looking over to see my Princess Erika enchanting herself with the same experience! Together we took it all in and at that moment we both became a fairytale.





            The evening was none the less of amazing. Casting stars across the sky, Florida was such a magical place. The lights around the Kingdom dimmed and suddenly the words of a very wise cricket came across loudly in the air. The skies began to be filled with wishes and hopes along with dreams from all the boys and girls who surrounded us there that evening as the fireworks began to burst. Colors like red, blue, and green shattered above us, giving a visual to the amazing score that played. Time indeed stood still that night. I can remember the moment that I seen a cart filled with glowing roses, enchanted roses just like the one from Beauty and the Beast. I quickly ran over to get the perfect one, excited I ran back to give it to my true love, my new Princess Erika. Handing her the glowing rose, I whispered to her that I loved her and she would always be my Princess. The night at the Kingdom was more than a vacation for us, it was the beginning of a legacy and love story that I will always tell.


            I hope you have enjoyed this column, and I am very excited to get back to writing and bringing you more memories of Walt Disney World. Please share this story with your friends and help remember a very special Princess named Erika S. Holmes. To learn more about brain cancer and brain tumors visit our site today!




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