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Disney travel experts agree on one thing: relax, take your time. But when it comes to Disney's marathons and other running events, they're wrong. In a race, you can't take your time. And you also can't show up with just your two feet expecting to win - or even finish! Preparing for a Disney marathon requires discipline, hard work, and good advice. We can't help you with the discipline or the hard work. But Robert Mathis, owner of DisneyRunning and one of the few people designated by Disney as 'Perfectly Goofy' for his frequent participation in their running events (since 1996!), has lots of good advice. So relax, take your time, and read his weekly column.

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Disney ChEAR Squad

You know who often doesn't like Disney races? The runner's friends and family members. What are they supposed to do? Stand for hours on the sideline? Enjoy the parks by themselves? Disney has an alternative: the chEAR Squad.

You have signed up for the Disney race, you have trained, and you are ready. But what will your family and friends do?

Disney has come up with a great new idea called th ChEAR Squad to get them involved in your race experience. It's available in a variety of packages at different price points, and it's a great way for spectactors to share in the excitement of a Disney race.

For the upcoming Disneyland Half Marathon, four ChEAR Squad packages are avaiable:

  • The Bronze Package (free) includes only an e-newsletter detailing all of the weekend events to help you plan your trip. It's suitable for more experienced spectators.
  • The Silver Package ($35) includes the Bronze Package plus a cool gear kit for your support team. The gear includes a sports chair cooler, a neat Mickey clapper, and a sporty ChEAR Squad t-shirt.
  • The Gold Package ($95) includes the Bronze and Silver Package plus other great stuff. Your support team will get a reserved ChEAR Zone viewing location on Main Street, U.S.A. (no fighting all the other spectators vying for one of these spots). After you've run down Main Street, your support team can move to reserved grandstand seating at the finish line, where once again they won't have to fight the crowds for a prime spot. The package also includes a one day, one park ticket. The Gold Package is ideal for friends and family with young children.
  • The Platinum Package ($129) includes the three other packages plus a set of over-the-top perks. Your support team will enjoy VIP finish line lounge seating, where they will enjoy a continental breakfast and the use of reserved executive style restrooms. No long lines at the Porta Potties! And their day starts with a reserved parking spot at the Disneyland Hotel, which will give them the shortest walk to the finish line. The Platinum Package is ideal for friends and family who have supported you over the months of your training!

These packages are limited, so grab yours fast. Your friends and family will thank you!


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