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Disney travel experts agree on one thing: relax, take your time. But when it comes to Disney's marathons and other running events, they're wrong. In a race, you can't take your time. And you also can't show up with just your two feet expecting to win - or even finish! Preparing for a Disney marathon requires discipline, hard work, and good advice. We can't help you with the discipline or the hard work. But Robert Mathis, owner of DisneyRunning and one of the few people designated by Disney as 'Perfectly Goofy' for his frequent participation in their running events (since 1996!), has lots of good advice. So relax, take your time, and read his weekly column.

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Disneyland Half Marathon Spectator Viewing

When race day finally arrives, you want to be prepared to view the race and cheer on the runners. Robert talks about all the preparation you need and best places to view the race.



The Disneyland Half Marathon is now over just a week away. I am excited to be going down to Anaheim and doing the race. My friends and family are just as exciting seeing me and all of the other runners during the race.

This leads me to discuss where you can find great spectator viewing for the Half Marathon. There are many great areas to setup and cheer on the runners. One key thing is to make sure you know the pace of your runner. Making a pace chart with your estimated times of where you will be at each mile and your predicted finish time is very important. The key is having a plan and following it closely.

Your friends and family members can join you in the Family Reunion Area. This area is near the start line where runners gather in the morning to relax before heading off to the corrals. There are tents arranged alphabetically with large letters that make them easily identifiable when trying to hook up after the race is over.

To see the runners at the start, I would recommend lining up along Disneyland Drive outside of either the Grand California or Paradise Pier hotels. The runners will be highly congested so it might be hard to see a particular runner. This is foot accessible only.

The next good spot to view runners is the Esplanade between the Disney's California Adventure and Disneyland Park. It is a between mile 1.7 and 1.9. Depending on the pace of your runner, you could do the start and make it over here to see your runner again. This is foot accessible only. (add photo) IMG_6124

The next spot is near the intersection of Disneyland Drive and Ball Road. This is between mile 4 and 4.5. The runners will be leaving the Disneyland Park for the city streets of Anaheim again. Again this is doable with the previous 2 viewing spots depending on pace of the runner. This is foot accessible only.

My next recommended location Angel Stadium which is the home on the Los Angeles Angels Major League Baseball Team. This location being is dependent if a baseball game is scheduled that day. The fun part about this is your support can get into the stadium and watch you run along the right and left field lines. As you pass home plate, they have a camera that broadcasts the images onto the Jumbotron. It is a cool thing seeing yourself up there. This is a driving accessible viewing spot. If you drive here, you might miss your runner at the finish line. (add photo) IMG_6307

The final viewing spot viewing spot is the Finish Line area. This is the area between the back side of Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel, Disneyland Hotel, and ESPN Zone. It is mile 12.5 to 13.1. This is a part where everyone is tired from all the miles but will get their second wind as they approach the finish line. This viewing area is another one that is doable with all of the other park area viewing locations.

Make sure you bring some suntan lotion and water as it can get hot out