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Wally, a distant relative of popular Disney blogger Bruce G, was detained abroad when the scoundrels shuttered the Adventurers Club on Pleasure Island. Returning several years later, Wally found his old friends scattered and his old haunts refurbished. Ever the intrepid soul, Wally chose to stay, having nowhere else to go. In characteristic high spirits, Wally retrieved his trusty brown fedora from a locker at the Orlando bus station and commenced his wanderings through Disney World. He graciously takes time (as if we could stop him) to regale us weekly with the sights and sounds of his unique adventures.

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FROM: Wandering the World with Wally Published Mondays

Saratoga Springs

Though I never imagined Wally as much of an equestrian, he assures me that he is quite at home atop a horse, and to prove it, invites us to accompany him to Saratoga Springs, the DVC resort at Disney World themed for horse racing aficionados.


I was wandering at Downtown Disney to see what progress has been made on the new area, and it seems construction has been halted. Maybe one of my Adventurer Friends has come back to buy the site and restore it to what our good friend Merriweather Pleasure had once built up? Ahhh, I can only hope. I do miss the Adventurers Club.

After roaming around Downtown Disney and enjoying some catfish bites at the House of Blues, I climbed aboard one of Disney's shuttle boats and took a ride to the Saratoga Springs Resort. What a beautiful resort! Let me tell you a little bit about it...

The Wind in Wally's Hair

The Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa is one of Disney's Vacation Club Resorts. That means that the rooms are called Villas, instead of just rooms, and are somewhat bigger than normal hotel rooms.

The resort is based on Saratoga Springs, New York, home to the oldest operating sports venue in the United States, Saratoga Race Course. This magnificent place hosts the Travers Stakes, at which I have had the honor of racing.

My mount was a beauty, but alas, she just wasn't fast enough to deal with Damascus, the Horse of the Year, ridden by Bill Shoemaker, who beat us soundly.

But it was a great feeling to have that powerful horse beneath me as the wind whipped through my hair and...

Oh, I'm sorry, what was I talking about? Ah, yes, the Saratoga Springs Resort!

If you happen by the resort, you will notice the many references to its namesake. There are jockey silks decorating the main building, which is called the Carriage House, and the various "wings" of the resort are called The Springs, The Paddock, Congress Park, The Carousel, and The Grandstand. The game room for the kids, and some of us older fun-loving types, is the Win, Place, and Show Arcade! Ho Ho, I like that name very much! I also like the name of the pool bar - it's called the Backstretch.

My favorite haunt at the Springs is the Turf Club Bar and Grill. I like to start off my meal there with baked goat cheese and tomato and some fried calamari. Then for my entree, I devour the fantastically fine mint-crusted lamp chops.

Stomach full, I like to wander over to the Treehouse Villas and tarry 'round the golf course.

The Blues in Wally's Soul

All of the grounds at this resort are magnificent, as they are everywhere at Disney World, but I especially like the view from here to Downtown Disney. At night you can see the Downtown lights, and every now and then, when the moon is full and the wind is blowing right, I can still hear the sounds from the Adventurers Club. How I miss that place. But things change and life goes on.

I'm sorry to be sounding melancholy, my friend, but sometimes even Adventurers lose their zest. But you know what they say, chap, "Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you, but always dress for the hunt!"

Which reminds me...

I need a new shirt! Would you accompany me on a shopping expedition? Oh, I see, you are heading over to the Turf Club yourself; shame that I've just eaten there, or I'd join you. Well, it's a good choice, my friend. Make sure to tell them Wally sent you.

Until next time, KUNGALOOSH! And keep your eyes open for Adventure!


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