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Admit it. You do it a lot. You ask yourself: Why Did Disney DO That?!? Maybe you ask others, too. Maybe you gather in groups, gnaw on turkey legs, and ponder what Disney does. But any such gab sessions inevitably lead to confusion and perhaps frustration. Because none of us have the answers. Disney has the answers, but it's not telling. The Mouse justifies its actions either with "it's part of our business plan" or the even more nebulous "it's part of Walt's vision". You deserve better. In his column, Lee Beatens will uncover the truth. Or at least deliver some entertaining rants.

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FROM: Why Did Disney DO That?!? Published As Necessary

Ticket 'Adjustments' - Disney Language 101

Lee talks about how words can make an impact and how Disney World sometimes goes over the edge when they talk about their price increases to the public. Don't be deceptive - just be honest. Nice article Lee.




Ticket ‘Adjustments’ – Disney Language 101

We live in an overly PC world, in my opinion. Oops. I no doubt just offended someone! Oh well, life goes on.

Disney is no exception when it comes to jumping on the PC bandwagon. There are many examples of changes within and throughout the organization that proves that The Mouse is getting more and more careful.

Let’s look at a one key example:


Butt out!

Yes, in the old days, Disney characters lit up whenever and wherever they felt like. Smoking was a standard gag to denote villainy (Peg Leg Pete) or delinquency (Pinocchio) or sexiness (insert favorite cartoon vamp here.)

Although Walt was careful not to be photographed, or seen in public, with his ever-present cigarette, he did smoke. And so did his characters. You could even buy cigarettes and cigars in Disneyland when it opened. You could also smoke them anywhere you wanted!

But then came a gentler, more aware Main Street, and everyone butted out. Including modern Disney characters. Disney history was also rewritten by editing old Shorts and movies to eliminate offensive puffs!


Modern PC

That was then. The latest examples of PC awareness on the part of The Mouse come in the form of language. No, not profanity, for that never had a place in Disney films. But I mean in just how Disney says things now.

We’re all familiar with terms such as: Cast Member (employee); On stage (working); Costume (uniform); and the like. Disney has always had its own language. And in these instances, these special terms for old things are an improvement.



And then there came the switch from Price Increase to Ticket Adjustments.


Disney tickets


When I adjust something, I make a small change to improve it. That means it becomes better, more pleasing, or appropriate. When Disney ‘adjusts’ something, it means something very different!

Adjustments to attractions usually mean the loss of some animatronic element. Adjustments to a restaurant menu usually mean a reduction in options and/or an increase in cost. So we know what an adjustment to tickets mean, don’t we?


Price increases by any other name…


So just how stupid are we? Do we look at the latest announcement of Ticket Adjustments and say: “Oh boy, prices are going down this year!” No. So why not call it what it is? An increase!

Disney World Tickets

The short answer is that calling a spade a spade would be negative. And Disney, above all other things, wants to be seen in a positive light. So that spade becomes a beautiful heart, if in name only.

Maybe some Disney fans will make an ‘adjustment’ in the amount of visits made to the Parks if these Ticket Adjustments get out of hand. Of course, Disney knows that isn’t likely! We will continue to plan our next vacation around our favorite Disney destination. Oh, we may ‘adjust’ the amount of days we visit there. We may ‘adjust’ the amount we spend there.

But will we ‘adjust’ our loyalty to the Disney brand? My next vacation will be a Disney one, so you tell me!



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