Book Review: Disneystrology

Bob looks to his stars and makes a shocking discovery

I had the great pleasure of receiving on Friday a copy of Lisa Finander's new book, Disneystrology, from the publisher, Quirk Books.

I've been aware of Disneystrology for awhile and, in fact, gave it hullabaloo last year. That led to e-mail from the author and a promise to review the book. Here, finally, is the review.

What Is Disneystrology

Disneystrology is a clever portmanteau of Disney and astrology. If you don't believe in astrology or numerology, it's not a problem; you just have to believe in Disney.

The author, Lisa Finander, holds a degree in psychology and symbolism, and in her spare time enjoys such breezy hobbies as astrology, tarot, and Jungian psychology.

But Finander's book does not meander, nor does it sink into hokey spiritualism: it's clear, concise, and has broad appeal. And its sub-title, 'What Your Birthday Character Says About You', nicely sums up what you'll find inside.

Browsing Disneystrology

Disneystrology is a full-color book, beautifully designed and produced, with a single page devoted to each day of the year.

To use the book, you simply look up your birthday. You'll then see 'your' Disney character and a short explanation of why you're most like that charaacter.

Using Disneystrology

My birthday is May 1. (Please, mark it on your calendars with a note that I like bourbon.) In Disneystrology, I turn to the page for May 1 and find ... Maid Marian.

After the initial shock abates, I remember what Lisa wrote in her introduction: gender doesn't matter because "magic knows no gender". So I'm Maid Marian. Deal with it.

Each character in the book is symbolized by three traits. If it's your character, those traits are supposed to be your traits, too. Maid Marian's traits are loyal, kindhearted, secure.

Those are positive traits. I'm diggin' Maid Marian.

But seriously, did you expect negative traits? Can you imagine the reaction of someone whose character's traits were vile, flatulent, sneaky?

Beneath the gorgeous picture of Maid Marian (which occupies the top half of the page) is a summary of the character's beliefs, behaviors, and abilities; a list of its magical gifts; the keys to its success; and a reference to the Disney film in which the character appeared.

I learn that I 'choose partners with larger-than-life reputations', that I'm difficult to fool, and that people should ask for my guidance when they 'need help uncovering the truth in complex situations'. I'm feeling pretty good right now. (And it's not just the bourbon.)

What are the keys to my success? A key to a new Jaguar, perhaps? No.

It's 'knowing which person is the one guilty of wrongdoing'. That means none of you better try to pull no nonsense on me.

Sizing Up Disneystrology

That was fun. Now that I've learned about myself, I plan to look up my kids and a few others, too.

Disneystrology isn't a book you'd read cover-to-cover. Of course, you could - but it's meant as a reference, and it would especially appeal to a family embarking on a Disney vacation who wanted to take with them entertainment for a long car trip or plane flight.

On Amazon, currently, the book is discounted to $11.53. Its retail price is $16.95, which may sound high for a small paperback, but given the book's full-color interiors and plethora of color images, it's quite reasonable.

So what's in your stars? Lisa Finander's Disneystrology.

Wondering if the recent 'change in the zodiac' means that your character in Disneystrology has changed, too? Find out by watching Lisa Finander on the TV show, Twin Cities Live.

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