The Arrival of the Disney Fantasy - part 2

Michele, from Pixie Vacations, continues her 2 part series on the newest of the Disney Cruiseline ships - the Disney Fantasy. This is a great article detailing the clubs, lounges and entertainment on this fantastic cruise ship. Thanks Michele.


Although the decor has been altered and there have been enhancements to the water features in both the adults and children’s areas the Fantasy didn’t stop there. The adults only areas have received a new theme and a few major changes. “The District”  as it’s known on the Dream is a place for adults 18 and over to wind down after dark while the kids are in their own play areas.

“Europa” offers a diverse nightlife with options to enjoy music, fun and cocktails. This collection of European themed clubs each has it’s own theme and unique offerings.

The Tube (“Evolution” on the Dream) is the main gathering place and is themed like the London underground subway. There are classic red telephone booths and a variety of seating in red, black and white lacquer as well as several large half moon booths with the British flag design. The booths along the wall even have leather hand straps and poles to hang on to near the seats. The major difference in this room is the lighting. While you’ll enjoy the butterfly effect at Evolution, the overhead lighting in the Tube is indescribable. Thousands of globes are clustered together and can offer various colors of light as well as capture images, such as the name of the game being played, etc.

Europa continues with Ooh La La, (which would be “Pink” on the Dream) the French champagne bar. Unlike the soft modern feel at Pink, Ooh La La will indeed have you saying, “Ooh La La” this champagne bar is themed more like a French boudoir with rich velvet chaise lounges, intricate gold detailing outlines the higher back chairs and the colors in here are a bit darker than in “Pink”. A more rouge color than a soft innocent pink, Ooh La La lives up to it’s name in decor alone. There are pink blown glass bubbles in wall of glass behind the bar, that mimic the bubbles in a glass of champagne.

O’Gills is the new version of 687 (which is the sports bar on the Dream). The overall impression of this Irish Pub is that it’s a much better use of space and a far better idea than the theming at 687 (which is pretty non-existent). Feedback on this bar has been nothing but positive and I think it was a very wise switch.

Skyline Lounge (also by the same name on the Dream) is a bit expanded on the Disney Fantasy. The “view” from the Skyline Lounge changes about every 15 minutes and keep your eyes open for more detail in this bar, such as pedestrian traffic and a few other surprises that have been added.

The last major change between the two ships is in the entertainment. While each of the ships offer Broadway style entertainment, each has different shows to offer. “Believe” is the newest of the stage shows and is featured on both the Dream and the Fantasy. Exclusive to the Fantasy are “Aladdin” and “Wishes”. Aladdin has been adapted from the popular stage show at Disneyland and “Wishes” is a new production specifically for the Disney Fantasy.

The story of Believe is, to me, a very classic Disney story about believing in magic no matter how old you are and finding the magic within it. The Dad, Dr. Greenaway is so focused on his botany project for an upcoming contest that he brushes his daughter's (Sophia) birthday to the side and is frustrated when she wants him to play with her new magic kit. No surprise that a watering can is treated as a magic lamp and genie grants Dr. Greenaway's wish to be able to "Believe" once again. My favorite moment in this show is is the "Baby Mine" number when Dr. Greenaway realizes that his little girl has grown. The song and video montage in this part of the show always makes me cry! It's one of those feel good shows with catchy tunes and when you leave singing, "What makes a garden grow?" Don't say we didn't warn you!

I did enjoy Aladdin but i'll admit it did feel like something was missing. The Genie appeared far less than usual, the Cruise Line has stated the characters are “growing into their parts” and I think that served as a major part of the missing puzzle. Somewhere within the production it did feel like a piece of the story was missing.  The cast did an excellent job and I look forward to them flourishing in their various roles and the story rounding out a bit more.

“Wishes” is the newest production, created specifically for the Disney Fantasy. It’s very evident that this production is geared toward the teen/tween crowd. The storyline follows three best friends through their high school graduation. A memento from their childhood trips to Disneyland guides them through a farewell adventure before they head off on their paths to adulthood.

The young cast was excellent in this production and they flawlessly carried classic Disney numbers such as “I Wanna Be Like You” from the Jungle Book as well as a modern take on a song and dance number from Pinocchio that was quite stunning. Lilo and Stitch, Rapunzel and Mulan are also represented; just to name a few. While this show is geared toward a “High School Musical” type crowd it can be enjoyed by the whole family and was performed very well by the cast; which I believe was its saving grace.

The additions and changes to the ship were all well received and I think the changes and added comforts to the Disney Fantasy will offer plenty of entertainment and diversity to make each night of the the 7-night itineraries magical.