The Arrival of the Disney Fantasy

Michele, from Pixie Vacations, has been kind enough to offer us an exclusive look at the Disney Fantasy - the 4th ship in the Disney Cruise Line Fleet. Her 2 part series starts here. Thanks Michele.


There is no question that the third ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, the Disney Dream, has far more to offer than just extra space. The time alone between the ships being built allowed for many advancements in technology and the basic comforts of ship life.

After cruising on the Disney Dream I didn’t expect the Fantasy to be much different. With only a year between the ships maiden voyages and being that they are sister vessels I didn’t expect there to be many differences between the ships and what they had to offer.  

Once onboard the Disney Fantasy it was evident that more had changed than just the carpet. While the main differences between the ships are in decor and interior design there are new features that set the Disney Fantasy apart as the fourth ship in the fleet. There have been changes in design, water features, adult areas and entertainment.

While the Dream boasts Art Deco theming the Fantasy is full of Art Nouveau flair. My favorite theme is that of the peacock feathers, which are prominent in the lobby atrium, the chandelier and even in Minnie Mouse’s dress in her bronzed statue that stands proud in the lobby. The colors are a bit softer and there is more of a nature theme throughout-true to Art Nouveau style. The lobby is where the decor change is most evident while the remainder of the ships fixtures and design remain very much the same. I love the friendly faces in the iron work up the staircases, a very cute and homey touch to the grand lobby’s on both ships. The carpeting is lush and the colors beautiful the decor in the staterooms and the Walt Disney and Buena Vista Theater's mirrors that of the Dream, my theory on that...don't mess with perfection.

There is a minor change in the popular gameThe Midship Detective Agency which now features new guest stars: The Muppets! Guests can now solve The Case of the Missing Show and help The Muppets find the missing props they need to get on with the show. I love the addition of The Muppets to this fantastic interactive mystery game. This is popular for children and families (even grown up’s too!) especially on sea days so plan accordingly if you want to play detective.

The most talked about changes to the Disney Fantasy are the water features, particularly in the adult areas. While the pools on the main decks remain essentially the same (as well as the AquaDuck) the adults have gotten an upgrade to the H2O in their area. The pool on the main level remains the same as the Dream, however going up a deck the sun deck on deck 12 now boasts a kidney shaped water feature with a small fountain in the center. This small “pool” (for lack of a better word) is incredibly shallow and is perfect for sitting on the edge and dipping your feet in, sliding in to cool down with a book or a cocktail (or even both!) and just to use as a “watering hole” for the sun deck. This seems to be a place where folks gather to cool down and chat before returning to their various loungers. As far as the loungers go, the chairs seems to be laid out in a much more efficient manner and offer both sun and shade options. On each side of the deck there are chaise lounges under a shaded cabana like device-this offers those of fairer flesh the ability to still enjoy the ocean air without the harmful effects of the Caribbean sun. Going up yet another deck, deck 13 forward has something the Dream doesn’t have...Satellite Falls. This ring shaped pool is another watering hole for grown ups only. Right outside the concierge level sun duck this satellite shaped sphere offers shade as well as a curtain of water to cool off under. Folks can be found sitting around the edge dipping their feet or within the sphere at various locations of the water curtain. This deck also offers sun and shade options for lounging and seems to help with the crowd control situation that had become a problem on the Disney Dream.

The little one’s weren’t left behind in the water department. The AquaDuck is featured on the Disney Fantasy as well as the AquaLab. The AquaLab features the remnants of what happened when Huey, Dewey and Louie (Donald’s nephew’s) attempted to build their own AquaDuck. You might find a few leaks and some splashing paint buckets...this area is sure to drench the whole family in fun!
There’s much more to cover in regards to the Disney Fantasy so keep checking back for my next posts covering the other fantastic details of ship!

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