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Chris Taylor is a husband, father, part-time musician, full-time art director at a university, Disney fan, and lover of cake. He runs a Disney fan blog called Just Off Main Street. His favorite character is Stitch. He was referred to as a 'band geek' in high school, among other things.

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by Chris Taylor

You know it costs too much. You know you'd never buy it if you weren't at Disney. But that's the power of MouseMerch: the racks and shelves and bins and boxes full of Disney merchandise that your kids must have - and, let's not be coy about it, you must have, too. Don't worry. You're among friends. But how to separate the most magical merchandise from the most mundane? That's easy, and it's free! Read Chris Taylor's weekly column, MouseMerch, and then impress your friends with your fantastic finds.

Hot New Items in the Disney Store

AUG 30 Chris goes over a few new items that have caught his eye at the Disney Store

Avengers (Merch) Assemble

AUG 11 As a kid, I spent 20 cents every month for the newest issue of the Avengers comic book, fresh (if slightly droopy) from the spinner rack of the local newsstand. Fellow Avengers fan Chris Taylor brings news not only of the Avengers, but their merch, too.

Disney at the Smithsonian

AUG 4 Chris Taylor is at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., and while there he looked for evidence of Disney's importance in American cultural history. He found quite a bit of it, and shares his best sightings, with plenty of pictures.

Disney Coffee

JUL 28 Of the many things that Disney does right, coffee is one of them - sometimes. You can find bad coffee at Disney World, but fantastic coffee, too. Chris discusses not only his favorite Disney coffee spots but his favorite Disney coffee mugs, too.

Turkey Leg T-Shirt

JUL 21 A culinary rite of passage at Disney World is ingestion of a turkey leg while strolling through the park. If you do it right, you'll get more attention than Mickey. But what if you're not hungry? Wear it! The zero calorie turkey leg t-shirt.

Disney Christmas in July

JUL 14 If you love Christmas, July is a terrible month: the previous Christmas seems so far away, and the next Christmas, well, it seems equally far away. In Walmart, they're selling tractors, not trees! Not so at Disney World. Merry Christmas!

Got a Boo Boo? Get a Mickey!

JUN 30 With Chris Taylor on vacation, I'm hijacking his column to share some prophylactics. Easy, there! The prophylactics in question have Mickey's picture on them. EASY, there! I'm referring, of course, to my box of Mickey Mouse band-aids...

Disney Baseball Hats

JUN 23 In the market for a new baseball hat? Wishing there were some way to combine two such All-American pursuits as going to a baseball game and going to Disney World - while wearing your new baseball hat? Chris Taylor is here to make your dreams come true.

Disney for Father's Day

JUN 16 If you're a Disney Dad, don't pass up the golden opportunity on Father's Day to ask for (and hopefully receive) cool new Disney merchandise from your adoring family. Not sure what to ask for? Not a problem! Chris has plenty of good suggestions.

Disney Tattoos

JUN 9 You're a Disney fanatic. You've got the shirts, the ears, the mugs. You've got the freakin' pins! But there's one type of 'merch' you can't buy at Disney, though you can display it there. Tattoos! Chris Taylor has examples and advice for getting your own.

Disney Pressed Coins

JUN 2 What does a penny buy these days? Well, not much, unless you've got two quarters to go along with it. But if you do, and if you're at Disney World or Disneyland, you can turn that spare change into a pressed keepsake, as Chris Taylor explains.

Star Tours: May the Merch Be with You

MAY 26 In a theme park not so far away, Chris Taylor has come face-to-face with the never-ending horde of Star Wars (and Star Tours) merch. Helpless, he bought, and bought, and then he bought some more. The Force is strong in this one.

Disney Kidada Wish-a-Littles

MAY 19 One of the newest Disney 'crazes' is a quartet of resin dolls created by hip designer Kidada. Each doll is a princess, comes with a gold-plated charm necklace, and costs the princely sum of forty bucks. But these dolls, well, they're kinda creepy...

Disney Merch on Parade

MAY 12 Got enough merch? Disney merch? If you say yes, you lie. First rule of MouseMerch: you can't have enough MouseMerch. Second rule: if you're Chris Taylor, you write about it. Make sure you check out those Wish-a-Littles. And who designs 'em!

Disney Mother's Day

MAY 5 If, growing up, you spent some of your happiest family moments in a Disney park, why not remember Mom on Mother's Day with a Disney gift? What a great idea! Chris Taylor thinks so, and just in time for the holiday, he shares his list of perfect Disney gifts.

Disney Costume T-Shirts

APR 28 Underoos? Did Chris Taylor admit to wearing Underoos? Maybe, maybe not. But what's for sure is that he'd love to wear Disney costume t-shirts, if only more of them came in his size. Check out his favorites. And then check out one he designed himself.

The Disney Glow

APR 21 Chris Taylor takes us into the Disney dark but have no fear: the glow is all around us! From tubes to ice cubes to laughing skulls, Chris looks at the many things you can buy in Disney World that glow, then ponders why we're drawn to them.

Park Playsets

APR 14 When you're at Disney World, you can drop the act. You can be a kid again - a big kid, maybe, but still a kid. Don't want to lose that 'big kid' feeling? No problem. Chris Taylor has the solution: bring Disney home with you in the form of a park playset.

I Fight in Heels

APR 7 Chris Taylor takes a holiday, and that means we're treated to a special guest appearance by Roberta Rackraider, whose geeky love for belligerent Marvel super babes emblazoned on a Disney shirt shows the world she's ready to fight ... in her heels!

Disney Balloons

MAR 31 What is it about balloons, especially balloons? They're just latex and air. But every little kid wants one. Chris Taylor explains the timeless appeal of the balloon, shares a touching story, and presents some Disney balloon tips you definitely don't want to miss.

Mickey Mouse Ears

MAR 24 How to pop your style? Wear a set of Mickey Mouse Ears. Chris Taylor knows. He's an Ear-wearer from way back and now he's not only wearing Ears, and writing about Ears, and loving Ears, he's designing them, too.

Disney Ride Photos

MAR 17 A source of easy revenue for Disney is ride photos. But, as Chris Taylor writes, the right picture of the right pose, preferably with few strangers stuck in the shot, can make a fantastic souvenir.

Disney Antenna Tops

Chris Taylor feels top 'o the World with Disney antenna tops

MAR 10 So, you went to a Disney resort - what did you pick up to remember your trip? A t-shirt? Coffee mug? A $900 crystal statue of Yoda and Pluto facing off? If you're anything like me, you picked up some Disney antenna toppers, some to keep, some to give away. Along with decals and car tags, I think the Disney antenna topper is... MORE

Disney Nerds

Chris Taylor analyzes the appeal of big glasses and big heads

MAR 3 I think the appeal of Disney Nerds works on a number of levels. They're new and novel, presenting the classic Disney characters in a new light. Their heads are usually bigger than their bodies, which children tend to identify with because for the first few years of life, the face is the single most important thing... MORE